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The following table has been created using the basic mil dot ranging formula, “Size of target in meters times one-thousand, then dividing by size of target in mils to equal range in meters”. Target height has been estimated at two meters and target width has been estimated at twenty-five percent of target height giving us a width of fifty centimeters. Range and target height/width was established using an BLUFOR Soldier (unarmed). Target correction was established using the orange lights on the small road barriers located next to the soldier. All shots and ranges were taken in the prone position with controlled breathing. IMPORTANT NOTE: The space between the end of the last mil dot (the 4th from the center) and the thick black line appears to be one mil, not point-nine mils. Also, the mil dots are assumed to be two-tenths of a mil in diameter.

Distancia Altura obj. Anchura obj. Corrección
25m 80 20 -1.5
50m 40 10 0
75m 26.7 6.7 +0.5
100m 20 5 +0.75
150m 13.3 3.3 +0.5
200m 10 2.5 +0.25
250m 8 2 0
300m 6.7 1.7 -0.5
350m 5.7 1.4 -1
400m 5 1.25 -1.5
450m 4.5 1.1 -2
500m 4 1 -2.5
550m 3.6 .9 -3.1
600m 3.3 .825 -4
650m 3.1 0.775 -4.5
700m 2.85 0.713 -5.3
750m 2.7 0.675 -6
800m 2.5 0.625 -7

Fuente: Daniel_Malloy


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